Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apples? Yes, Please!!!

Last week was our study of ALL THINGS APPLES! Here are some pics of our week:

Here's our adjectives, Can Have Are chart, and Apple Writing that we worked on throughout the week.

This is the class book we made and put together:

Torn Paper art in the Art Center:  

 These were pics from today.  I always take everything we learned for our "theme of the week" (in this case - Apples), and put it in a "Writing and Research" center for the next week for my firsties to learn and discover the material and facts on their own.

Sooooo much fun!!!

This week we are working on Leaves.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finishing Kinder review - Ready for 1st grade stories!

Well, we're finishing up our 4th week of school.  The time has already flown by!  I really do have a GREAT group of firsties this year and cannot complain.  We're finishing up our Kindergarten review and will jump in to our first grade stories and curriculum next week.  I'm so excited to dive in to our core curriculum.  

This last summer we had Reagan Tunstall come and do a workshop on her Guided Math.  Our first grade team absolutely fell in love with her program and we have been doing it since day one.  We're finishing unit 1 tomorrow and will begin unit 2 on Monday.  My firsties have really enjoyed all the hands on activities!  Here's a few pics of our centers in our room.  We just started to do some rotations to practice rules and procedures so we haven't really gotten into the whole swing of things yet. 

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