Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dinosaurs, Pet Rocks and Caterpillars - Oh My!

Ok - you all know we are in the BUSIEST time of the year - right?!?!?!?  We have a ton of different things going on in our classroom right now.  Here are just a few:

Dinosaur Excavations:
We read "Mister Bones - Dinosaur Hunter" in our Reading series this week.

This was such an awesome idea from one of my coworkers to go along with this story.  My firsties absolutely LOVED this activity.  They worked so hard and took their time trying to excavate the bones (chocolate chips) from the rock and dirt (cookie).

Pet Rocks:
Since we were talking about dinosaurs, excavating and dirt, we decided to adopt a pet rock!

Oh my goodness!  It was so fun to watch them paint their rocks.  They could not wait to take them home!  The Pet Rock Adoption idea came from First Class Teacher Resources.

Our caterpillars finally came in!  We cannot wait to watch them change and turn into butterflies!

We will be learning all about butterflies next week and "journaling" all the changes we see!

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