Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot and Hobby Lobby - a Dangerous Combination!

Oh man!  I went shopping today and my, oh my - I got some goodies!

Dollar Tree

I go a little crazy for buckets and baskets and couldn't pass these up!  I'm using the binder clips for numbers on their little cubbies instead of sticky labels.  

(Found the idea on Pinterest)
Labeling cubbies without leaving stickers behind. tumblr_m411ysYQqD1r85eido1_1280.jpg 553×738 pixels

I loved the trays (I bought 3 of each color).  I think I'm going to use them for guided reading groups when we are using letters to scramble and unscramble sight words.  Using the trays will help them stay in place and hopefully they won't be all over my table.

Target Dollar Spot

I am a sucker for their little tins!  I use them for everything!  I can always use duck tape and post its!

Hobby Lobby

I found the little cups for 34 cents a piece!  I bought 2 of each color.  I'm super psyched about the poufs.  there were 3 in a package for $4.99.  (I put one together to show you)  I'm going to use that piece of fabric to make a little pillow for my reading chair.

I'm so excited about my finds!  What all have you bought?

(btw - I just hit 100 followers today on bloglovin'.  I foresee a little giveaway soon!)

Have a great week!

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  1. Love all of your finds! Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Do you need any donations for your giveaway? I will be glad to help out!


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