Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Gingerbread Week!

We just finished up a week of Gingerbread activities!  We had a blast.
We read several gingerbread man books.  After we read 'The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School' we went back and found all the verbs where he could get from one place to another.   We wrote them all on sticky notes (twice for each word).  Then we went back and read the gingerbread man little saying using all the verbs we found.  They thought this was pretty fun.

Here were some of our center activities this week.

 Writing center:
We make this into a class book and add it to our reading center.

 How many words can you make?:

 Making patterns:

You can also click here to see my similar post from last year's Gingerbread Week.

 I sent home a gingerbread man pattern as a home project for my students to decorate.  Here are about half of them turned back in.  We use foil from our cafeteria for the cookie sheets.  (Sorry the picture isn't that great.  I couldn't get the best pictures because of the glare from the foil.)

The center activities from above are all a part of my 'Gingerbread Week" unit.  Click on the pic below to check it out!

You may also like the following to go along with your themed week.

Stay warm!  We had a snow day yesterday.  (More like an 'ice" day)  It is EXTREMELY cold here for the next several days and we're not so sure anything will melt for a long time.  Ugh!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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