Monday, December 9, 2013

Narrative Writing

Ughhhhh!  Another snow day!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love staying home in my pjs and lounging with my family but we've still got some serious work to do in the classroom!  We were out Friday and again today.  I sure hope we can make it back in tomorrow.  If I think I can manage the roads, I am going to my classroom this afternoon to get some laminating and cutting done.  I also need to work on getting some center activities ready.

This is something we worked on right before Thanksgiving break.

We've been working on Narrative Writing.  I introduced it by using Jodi's product: What is Narrative Writing?  (She's pretty AMAZING btw!)

I put her posters in our pocket chart as we discussed the different parts.  Then I showed them a Norman Rockwell picture that I found in my writing files.  (It's the picture at the bottom right.)  We then used the picture to discuss each element of Narrative Writing.  After our discussion, we did a shared writing (that I forgot to take a pic of) about the picture focusing on BME and making sure that is was in a sequential order.  
The next day I turned it over to them and they practiced writing the same story in their own words.  Again focusing on BME.  
The next day, I gave them a different picture and let them write a story about it.  They had to tell me all the different elements within the story.
The next week, it was their turn to write their own narrative story.  They had to do this in the writing center for the week.  All in all I was very pleased with their first attempt.  I plan on doing some more narrative writing for Christmas.  

The little "I Can" cards you see on the chart are from one of my newest units:

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