Friday, February 20, 2015

Our State Superintendent Visited My Classroom Today!

Oh my goodness you guys!  Our State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, visited my classroom today.  We knew that she was coming to our district and was going to try to visit as many campuses as she could.  We found out this morning that our campus was definitely on her list.  This afternoon we were in our classroom getting ready to pack up and head to pull-outs.  I look up from my table and there she is!  She came in my classroom and introduced herself to me and I fully expected her to walk out and go about meeting everyone else.  Instead, she walked over and started listening to one of my firsties read.  She listened to him for quite awhile and then came back and bragged on how well he read.  I was so impressed with her! (And definitely proud of my little firstie!)  I felt like the president was in my classroom.  :)  Very cool experience!

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  1. That's awesome! Our CEO/Superintendent (very large city district) came on the first day of school. He did not introduce himself to any teachers or children. He complained that he saw a couple of teachers sitting or drinking soda. Our third grade teacher paused to acknowledge him and he gruffly told her to get back to her lesson. I'm glad you work for somebody that respects the people that work for her and the children you teach.


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