Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Student Teacher is AMAZING! and Starting Nonfiction Text Features

 I have a student teacher this semester.  I've never had one before.  I've always wanted to have one because I love sharing my ideas and love helping other teachers.  The thought of having one take over my class though has always made me a little worried.  These are still my babies and I am the one responsible for their learning and success.  When I met Ms. James for the first time I absolutely fell in love.  She is super sweet and so eager to jump in and learn everything!  She has been with us now for a month and we LOVE her.  She is doing a great job and I'm excited to see what all she does and accomplishes the rest of our semester.  Here are some pictures of her working with our firsties:


She took over our Science and Social Studies time this week and she wanted to do a unit over penguins.  We are starting to discuss nonfiction text features and search for them in our nonfiction books.

I have used these posters for the last few years and absolutely love them.  They are perfect for my firsties.  They are from Tania @  

NonFiction Text Features (Polar Bear Edition)

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  1. Our nonfiction unit is one of my favorite! It is coming up soon and all your pictures are making me so excited! Thank you for sharing :)


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