Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Hero... George!

Oh my has this already been a busy week!  Valentine's Day and Presidents Day! Whew!  As promised here are my firsties studying up on their newest hero - George Washington.

This little Firstie decided Geroge needed a "stache"!

 Trying to figure out why George is so sad!?!?!

 This one looks a little guilty!

 Love this one!

Guilty #2?  Just look at those shifty eyes!

Here's George on our Timeline.

 Buddy Reading our Fluency story for the week!

We are ABSOLUTELY LOVING this unit!  Thank you so much Katie Knight!

I hope I can muster up some more energy for our Valentine's Day party tomorrow afternoon!  I. AM. EXHAUSTED!

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. So so so so so cute! Why is George so sad??? You are such a great teacher!

    1. Some of my kiddos said because he had to fight in the wars! I guess they're worried about him!


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