Monday, January 27, 2014

Our "mini" Research Project

We've wrapped up our study (for now) of nonfiction text features.  Our first grade team will be doing another huge research and writing project at the end of April, beginning of May like we did last year.  My class will be doing ours over Woodland animals later in the year so we chose to do our "mini" research project over Polar animals for now.  We went through a few pages in my unit to get a feel for what we will be doing in a few months.  My firsties had a lot of fun and are very excited for the 'big" project later.  Here are a few pics of their "mini" project:

(If you would like to see all the pages included,
I have a the pages to go with the polar bear in the preview.)

Here are the other two research projects if you would like to check them out too!


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