Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Excited about Research!

I showed you some pics yesterday of our first few days of research.  I'm back to show you what we did today.  We added the circle map page today and my firsties are searching for more facts through all the animal books.  We have had several parents send in color photos of animals and I put them in their book baskets so they could look at them while searching through books.  Toward the end of our unit I will divide them up between the kiddos to put with their projects.  

Look at these two sweeties sharing their moose book to write down facts.  Melts my heart!

Look at all this - I AbSoLuTeLy love all this research.  They are working so hard and they LOVE every minute of it.  They are completely engaged!

We also added the fill-in-the-blank page yesterday.  They had to look through their fact sheets from my unit to find the correct words.

I hope your last few weeks are as successful as ours!  Have a great rest of the week!

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