Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Our Research On!

We started our research this week!  My firsties are doing Woodland Animals.  The eight animals in my unit are bear, skunk, raccoon, deer, squirrel, owl, moose, and fox.  I have 3 extra animals that some of my students decided to do; wolf, chipmunk and rabbit.  We started off by talking about our vocabulary words for the unit:
(I am also adding "predator and prey" as soon as I get them laminated.)

Here's what our animal baskets look like:
I got about 54 books from our school library and about 30 from the public library.  Not to mention all the books I already have.  I LOVE that there are tons of books available for them to do their research!

 Here's all the books about multiple animals.  The students know how to use the table of contents and index to see if their animal is in each book.  If not, they look at a different book.  Right now they are looking these books and writing down any facts they find that is not already in my woodland animal unit.

I gave each student 2 copies of their animal from the posters in my unit.  They colored both and then we hung them back to back to decorate the room.

They are keeping all their pages and facts inside a folder so everything is right there together.  We only do a page or two a day.  We just started so they only have their fact sheets inside.  We added the "fill in the blank" page today.  I"ll hopefully get more pics up later to show you.

I hope to take more pics along the way and show you little by little what we're doing.  It takes several weeks but slow and steady wins the race - right!?!?!

Have a great week!


  1. Such a great pack!!
    Curious Firsties

    1. Awwww, thank you so much! We truly have been enjoying every bit of it! It's also great that all our first grade teachers do a different set of animals. We can't wait for our parent night this year to show all our hard work off. Last year's 'Writing Showcase" was such a HUGE hit! Love you guys and love your blog! I wish I could be in your class! :)


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