Sunday, August 10, 2014

Classroom Pics!

So I've got two days under my belt!  It was crazy as usual but they went well.  I wanted to show you some pics of  my classroom.  I totally redid my classroom last summer so I didn't change much. Here's a look at where my firsties will be learning each and every day!

The reading center:
I scored the bookshelf in the corner by a dumpster this summer.  It was a greeting card holder.  All I had to do was wipe it down and put some casters on the bottom.  I LOVE it!

I absolutely LOVE my writer's eye bulletin board.  I use it E.V.E.R.Y day!

This is where the kiddos come when I read books to them.

My word wall and writing center:
One of my teammates husband cam and put up the shelf for me.  I have so many stuffed animals from Kohls that I was running out of room on my shelves.  I love it!

 The art center:
Our interactive notebooks and book bags are ready to go for Monday!  That's also our "First day of First Grade" frame that we took pics with.

Our word work center:
Lots of pocket charts and a felt board on the closet door.

Math wall and Math center:
We use the small black table and the floor to do our math centers.

Science/Social Studies bulletin board:
I use the black bulletin board to add different charts and books that we read for each unit.

My area!:
This is my corner  I know - it has a lot going on!  I feel like I practically live at my horseshoe table.  The only time I ever sit at my desk is when I need to use the computer.  I do everything else at my table.  Can't wait to get guided reading started in a few weeks!

Ready for Monday!
We have a letter, number, color and shape of the day each day for 2 weeks of Kindergarten review.

Even though the first 2 days were hectic, I managed to get a few pics of my precious firsties!

Aren't they adorable!?!?!?!

Here's the painting I did last year at one of our staff "get-to-gethers".  I love seeing it each time I walk out of my room!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my classroom.  

Have a wonderful week!

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