Sunday, September 21, 2014

Centers Catch Up - Caution - Photo Dump!

We've been hard at work the last few weeks.  We're finally in a good routine and have great success at centers!  I've taken lots of pictures but haven't had time to post about it.  So here goes -

Mr. Wiggles - Making Patterns:

 Read and Write the Room:

 Apple Addition:

 Rainbow Words - practicing Spelling words:

 Writing Center - Who?  Did What?  Where?
(This came from the amazing Reagan Tunstall and I am LOVING it!)

 Roll It!  Read It! - Fluency Practice:

 Discovery Center - Exploring the 5 senses:
(Anchor chart idea from Cara Carroll)

Saxon Math Wrap Ups:

 Number Sense - Make a Tower to match the number:
(idea from Susan of Thank God It's First Grade)

Pocket Chart Center - short a Word Work
(cards from Doodle Bugs)

Number Sense - Counting Beads:
(idea from Reagan Tunstall)

Reading Center - Reading to a Buddy:
I LOVE how "into" their books they are!

I am so proud of my firsties.  They have truly been working hard!  We learned about apples last week and I've turned it into a discovery center for this week.  I hope to post pics and activities from it soon!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Great pics!!! They are all so engaged! Love it!

    1. I still have some "wanderers" but for the most part, they really do a pretty good job of staying on task. I've been really proud of them!


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