Monday, September 1, 2014

Professional Development - Science in the Classroom

We were out of school last Friday.  The students had a 4 day weekend.  The teachers had a professional development day put on by our district.  We had a key-note speaker, 4 break-out sessions, vendor tables to visit and awesome door prize giveaways.  Our district really out-did themselves.  We really had an amazing day!  I took some pics of some of the experiments we did in our "Elementary Science" session.

Milk, food coloring and drops of dawn liquid soap:

Sharpie markers on a piece of white t-shirt with alcohol dropped in the middle: 

gobstoppers sitting in water:

We took different water-based markers and drew a line on pieces of coffee filters.  We let them soak in a cup of water and watched the different colors fade out:

This one is blurry but she had taken pop rocks and put them into soda bottles.  The gases were filling up the balloons attached to the top:

The cool thing about all these little experiments was that they could be done in any age classroom.  She had done all of these with her high school students as well.

We had a GREAT day of learning!

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