Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ar words - fluency and comprehension

Well, the students were out of school yesterday for MLK day and the teachers had a workshop.  Our speaker was Danny Brassell.  He's pretty amazing.  I've seen him before and her definitely didn't disappoint this time either!  I didn't feel very good during the workshop yesterday and ended up going to urgent care yesterday afternoon.  Welp - I have viral bronchitis.  :(  Got some meds and an inhaler and have been home from school today.  I'm hoping to get to go back tomorrow.

I have a student teacher this semester so she's definitely getting  some experience teaching while I'm gone.  I know she's doing a great job!  I sent a voice message to my firsties today for her to play for them.  I told them I missed them and hoped they were being extra special good for her today.  After she played them the message, one of my sweet firsties told her they thought I might be hiding in the closet.  Ha Ha! They always crack me up!

Since I get get out of the house or even do much around here, I've been working on more chunks for my Guided Reading group units.  Here's the latest:

Click on either pic to check it out!  
I hope you all are staying well!
Being sick and having to stay home from my job stinks!  I can't stand being away.  
Have a great rest of the week!

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