Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Celebrating Reading! ...and Woodland Animals

We have already had so much fun this week celebrating reading.  We are really into our author friend - Ted's - work! (You know who I'm talking about!)  Anyway, we have a fun-filled week of reading his books and doing many different activities.  We are making a big Bulletin Board with our friend who "speaks for the trees".  We made "staches" today and took pictures.  I think they turned out SUPER cute!  Here are a few examples:

We are also going to be making trees to add to it.  More pics to come later!

We also wrote about Silly Sights today.  Thank you Cara Carroll!  Here are a few examples that will be in our class book:

"The Lorax and his friends are silly about nature"

"Dr. Seuss has a bowl on his head."

"I see a silly girl that has a mustache."

"I see thing 1 and thing 2."

"Pop tart bird."

"The name is Fly Unicorn."

This last one was added especially for Reagan!  I just read your post about unicorns this morning so when this little firstie wrote about a unicorn I just had to add it for you!  

Don't forget to check out my latest Shared Writing and Research Unit!  (You can see my last post about it here.)  It is 145 pages chock-full of the cutest little woodland animals.  It covers about a bajillion common core standards!  :)  

Check it out by clicking on the pic above.  Make sure you download the preview and see all of the pages for the bear.  It's on sale right now!  

Well, I'm off to grade a MOUNTAIN of papers and hopefully still have time to cuddle with my girlies!  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Wow! I love that we bonded over the weirdness and wonder of unicorns!

  2. Those writings are adorable! Got to love the creativity that Ted brings out!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  3. Yeah... I'm follower 25.:) Glad to have found your cute little blog. Great pictures of your kiddos in "staches".

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