Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nonfiction Text Features!

Well, back today with more nonfiction text features!  Here's the anchor chart(s) we finished today:
This chart was inspired by Sarah over at Sarah's First Grade Snippet's!  I just ADORE her!

(closer look)

(click here to see post about the book I used for this)

We discussed each text feature one more time today before I let them "browse" through our animal books.  I spread each set of animal books around the room.  As we were reviewing the different features, I had them look through the books in their basket and find each feature.  I chose a few children to show the class what they found for each one.  Then we rotated every 5 minutes so they could get a "sneak peek" of each animal available for researching.  After visiting all 10 different sets I had them write down their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.  I debated rather or not to let every child have their 1st choice  but I wanted to try and spread the children out and make sure that each animal was being researched by someone.  I also had several kiddos that don't need to be together and I didn't want them researching the same animal either.  I sorted through their choices this afternoon and plan on telling them their animal tomorrow.  I know they are excited to actually get started with the research!  Here is a pic for each animal we are researching from my Woodland Animals Shared Research Project:

I totally wiped out our school library and our public library of all their woodland animal books!  My firsties had SOOOO much fun looking through the different books today.  We only have one student computer in our classroom so we have asked our computer pull-out teacher to help us with our internet research of facts and pictures.  She was glad to help and sounds just as excited as us to get started.  (I hope she's ready because we are going to bombard her tomorrow! :) )

Here's the unit we are using for our research if you would like to download the preview!

 I'll try and keep you updated with our progress and more pictures!
Happy Wednesday!

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