Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Activities and a little Confession!

So I'm very disappointed!  I totally had a post planned of all kinds of randomness with all kinds of pics but left my camera at school.  Oh man!  Well, I only had these 3 pics on my phone so this is what you get tonight.  :)

We finally had to take our plants home because they needed to be re-potted!  They all turned out so well!

Here are our "painted ladies".  They are finally all in their chrysalis.  My firsties CANNOT wait until they emerge!  Much anticipated excitement!

Oh - FUNNY STORY - so we found a caterpillar on my husband's truck and we kept him and brought him to school.  He was fat and very hairy.  My students instantly named him Hairy!  So I knew Hairy should be trying to change into his chrysalis soon and would need a way to be able to hang upside down.  So I try to "rig" a way for him to be able to get to the top of his little "bug catcher" we had him in.  I spent about 30 minutes after school one day last week working on it.  My daughter and I came to school and we could not see Hairy ANYWHERE in his little cage.  We finally spot what looks like a wad of silk inside a leaf on the bottom of the cage.  My students look up pics of cocoons/chrysalis's online and figure out he must be a moth instead of a butterfly.  So we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a moth now.  Wow!  Who knew?

Ok - CONFESSION TIME!  I am a fairly organized person and fall a bit on the OCD side of neatness, but there is a corner of my room that I pile things up when I don't have time to take care of them.  Does anyone else have a corner that looks like this? 
Please tell me you do!  When I look at this mess my skin almost crawls but I can't seem to find the time to tackle it very often.  There always seem to be more "pressing" things to take care of.  I would love to hear of other teachers that keep a "corner" like this!  (Mainly because I want to feel better about myself! :) )

Hopefully I will remember my camera tomorrow and can add to the randomness of this post!  Happy Monday and have a great week of teaching!

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