Thursday, September 5, 2013

Centers this Week plus 2 freebies!

Here's a quick look at our centers for this week.  This was our first week to do center rotations and we just dove right in!  I was very proud of my little firsties and how well they have stayed on task.  I've got one GREAT group!

Patterns with Mr. Wiggles:

We have been talking about blends so I made this little sort:
 You can get a free copy of this here.

We've also been talking about suffix -s.  I made this picture/word sort for practice:

We are working on number combinations.  Trying to come up with all the different ways to make each number.  I bought this unit from Donna at Math Coach's Corner:
This is a great unit!  We love it!  Check it out!

You can see the rings at the top of the picture and I made these pages to go with it so my kiddos can practice during centers but can wipe them off when they are finished.

We are working with our friends names in our classroom.  This is a unit from the AmAzInG Cara Carroll!

We've been learning about our 5 senses.  I put all the books we've read in a center along with a chart, pictures and word cards for the students to match and write each sense.  I got the idea of the anchor chart here.

I came up with this quick little worksheet.  I called it "Roll It, Build It, Color It".  They have to roll 2 dice then they have to build it with the linking cubes.  Then they write the number and color that many boxes.  They have really enjoyed this one - there's just something about rolling dice!  I swear they could do it ALL DAY LONG! :)
You can get a free copy of this here. (if you download it, please show me some "comment love"!)

Whew!  We've been working SUPER hard and I am so proud of my little firsties!  They are a great bunch of kiddos!  I'm very blessed!

Have a great Friday!


  1. Love your Roll it, build it, color it. Such an easy set up and the kids will love it! Thank you.

  2. I love the math coach! We introduced the math bracelets today. It was a hit. They even came up with some 3 addend problems! What!!?!! So exciting.

    Curious Firsties


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