Monday, October 28, 2013

50th Day of School and Spiders!

We celebrated our 50th day of School last Friday.  

Here's our team of First Grade Teachers! Love, Love, Love these ladies!
(the second young lady in the back - in black and pink - is my student observer this semester - She's AMAZING!)

 Here are my students that dressed up.  My whole class picture turned out major blurry - bummer!

We also enjoyed some coke floats in the afternoon!

We have also been studying about spiders.  
Meet "Octavia"!

I found this garden spider 2 weeks ago.  She made a web between my car and car port.  I almost walked right into her one morning when I was leaving for work.  I brought her to school to show my kids and she turned out being our new class pet.  
We have been feeding her crickets and grasshoppers every day.  It has been very cool actually getting to watch her in real life instead of only learning about spiders in the books we read.  As soon as an insect hits her web, she starts wrapping them with her silk.  We watch her pull out the silk from her spinnerets with her back legs.  Again, super cool to watch in real life! (It's nasty and cool all at the same time!)

Here's our Can Have Are chart:
(We watched a youtube video of a peacock spider "dancing".  That's where the word "dance" came from.)

This is the chart where we labeled and added adjectives:

Please don't forget about our Donors Choose Project.
If you would like to read more about it, click here to go to that post.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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