Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Psyched!

I am soooo super psyched about a new unit I bought!  I purchased Katie Knight's 13 American Heroes Packet and I am in AWE!  I love it!  
She has taken 13 American Heroes, given pictures and dates for you to make a timeline, written differentiated fluency stories, and some worksheets to go along with each.  I am pumped and I really think my firsties will LOVE it too!

I got my timeline up yesterday and we talked are talking about Johnny Appleseed this week as a practice (since we've already done a unit over him).  Next week will be the real thing starting with one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES to talk about - Martin Luther King Jr.
Here's a few pics of our timeline. (not the greatest of pics - I took them with my phone)

Here's Martin Luther King Jr. - ready for next week.

Here is Johnny Appleseed that we're "practicing" with this week.

I will put each Hero up as we get to them each week.

I talked to my daughter's teacher today (she's in 3rd grade) and she is going to "lend" me her class to be our reading buddies for the fluency stories.

PLEASE check out Katie's Unit - I know you will love it too!  (click on the image below)

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. Ditto on Katie's AMAZING unit! It got to #16 on the TpT best seller list for a reason! Yay, Katie!!!

    Can you please shoot me an email at I tried to respond to your comment on my blog and you're set up as a no-reply comment blogger...there's something you can change in the settings to fix that...I found this link for you on google...Hope it works if you'd like to change it. If not, no worries! :)


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